SwissJoos Bursty Tropical Punch is a delectable eliquid that perfectly blends the sweet and juicy flavors of passion fruit, strawberry, pineapple, and forest berries.

This refreshing concoction offers a tantalizing taste of the tropics, with each inhale providing a burst of tropical goodness. The combination of sweet strawberries, tangy pineapple, and luscious forest berries creates a deliciously vibrant experience that captures the essence of a tropical paradise in every puff.

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SwissJoos Bursty Tropical Punch Vape Eliquid

Product Description:

Experience the amazing burst of tropical flavors with SwissJoos Bursty Tropical Punch Eliquid. This exclusive handycrafted eliquid is carefully crafted by SwissJoos to provide an instant and refreshing vaping experience. With a secret combination of flavors, this eliquid creates a complex taste profile that will satisfy your taste buds.

PG-VG Percentage Combinations:

SwissJoos Bursty Tropical Punch Eliquid offers multiple PG-VG percentage combinations to suit different preferences. With variations ranging from 50/50 to 80/20, you can find the perfect balance of throat hit and vapor production for an exceptional vaping experience.

Secret Flavor Combination:

Discover the complexity of the secret combination of flavors that powers SwissJoos Bursty Tropical Punch Eliquid. This unique blend of tropical fruits creates a harmonious mix of taste and aroma, delivering an irresistible vaping experience.

Product Attributes:

    • HandyCrafted
    • Amazing Burst of Tropical Flavors
    • Instant Vaping Experience
    • High-Quality Ingredients
    • Premium Swiss Oils Labs Manufacturing

Product Variations:

    • Regular
    • Ice
    • Salt Nic

Advantages of Replacing Cigarettes with E-liquid Vape:

Switching from cigarettes to e-liquid vape offers various benefits:

    • Healthier Alternative – E-liquid vape does not produce harmful smoke or tar.
    • Cost-Savings – Vaping is generally more cost-effective than smoking cigarettes.
    • Wide Flavor Variety – E-liquids come in a wide range of flavors, providing a more enjoyable experience.
    • Reduced Odor – Vaping produces less odor compared to smoking cigarettes.

SwissJoos Bursty Tropical Punch Eliquid – Manufactured by Swiss Oils Labs:

SwissJoos Bursty Tropical Punch Eliquid is manufactured by Swiss Oils Labs, a renowned name in the industry for its commitment to producing e-liquid with the highest quality standards. Our eliquid is crafted with precision and undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure a satisfying vaping experience for our customers.

Bottle Sizes and Nicotine Percentage:

SwissJoos Bursty Tropical Punch Eliquid is available in different bottle sizes and nicotine percentages, including salt nic. Whether you prefer a smaller bottle for portability or a higher nicotine strength for a stronger hit, we have options to meet every vaper’s needs.

Nicotine Percentage for Vapers:

Quitting cigarettes step by step with nicotine percentage:

    • 12mg – Suitable for vapers who smoke 10-15 cigarettes per day
    • 6mg – Suitable for vapers who smoke 5-10 cigarettes per day
    • 3mg – Suitable for vapers who smoke 1-5 cigarettes per day
    • 0mg – No nicotine, perfect for those who want to enjoy the flavor without nicotine

Regular Nicotine vs. Salt Nic:

Discover the differences, benefits, usage, dosage, and comparison between regular nicotine and salt nic:

    • Regular Nicotine – Provides a traditional throat hit, suitable for vapers transitioning from smoking cigarettes.
    • Salt Nic – Offers a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine absorption, ideal for vapers looking for a stronger nicotine satisfaction.

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