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SwissJoos Bursty Verry Berry Eliquid

$20 $
SwissJoos Bursty Verry Berry is a delectable eliquid that flawlessly blends the flavors of passion fruit, sweet juicy raspberries, and succulent blueberries.This premium eliquid offers a burst of tasty sensations with every puff, leaving your taste buds craving for more. The perfect combination of sweet and tangy notes makes SwissJoos Bursty Verry Berry a must-try for anyone who enjoys a fruity and refreshing vape experience.

SwissJoos Bursty Verry Berry Saltnic Eliquid

13 $22 $
SwissJoos Bursty Verry Berry is a luscious saltnic eliquid that expertly combines the taste of passion fruit, ripe raspberries, and juicy blueberries.  This high-quality eliquid delivers a delightful Blue Razz explosion of flavors with each inhale, making it irresistible for vapers who appreciate fruity and revitalizing vaping sessions.

SwissJoos Lusty Fruits Vimto Drink Eliquid

$20 $
Introducing SwissJoos Lusty Vimto Breeze - an electrifying eliquid concoction that harmoniously blends the zingy zest of Vimto with succulent grapes, refreshing raspberries, and a kick of citrus for a tantalizing fusion of flavors.Savor the invigorating burst of fruity vibrancy in every vape of this exhilarating drink-inspired delight.

SwissJoos Lusty Fruits Vimto Drink Saltnic Eliquid

13 $22 $
Discover the electrifying blend of Vimto, grapes, raspberries, and citrus in SwissJoos Lusty Vimto Breeze Saltnic eliquid, a tantalizing concoction that's sure to please.Indulge in the refreshing explosion of fruity flavors with every puff of this invigorating Saltnic eliquid, inspired by the tangy goodness of a popular beverage.

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