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SwissJoos Bursty Red Mango Eliquid

$20 $
SwissJoos Bursty Red Mango is a delectable eliquid that perfectly blends the flavors of sweet ripe mango and tangy Red lychee.With a burst of passion fruit and a refreshing finish, this ejuice is a tasty treat for any vaping enthusiast. The combination of fruity notes creates a harmonious and satisfying flavor profile that will leave you craving more of this unique and flavorful eliquid experience.

SwissJoos Bursty Red Mango Saltnic Eliquid

13 $22 $
SwissJoos Bursty Red Mango is a delicious saltnic nicotine eliquid that expertly combines the tastes of succulent ripe mango and zesty Red lychee.With a splash of passion fruit and a cool aftertaste, this eliquid is a delightful indulgence for vape enthusiasts. The blend of fruity flavors produces a gratifying and well-balanced profile that will have you yearning for more of this distinct and flavorful saltnic nicotine e-liquid experience.

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